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Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace Unfortunately, bullying and harassment in the workplace is more common than we would like to admit. The terms are often used interchangeably, and many definitions include bullying as a form of harassment. It is often dismissed in the workplace as ‘banter’ between workmates but if the same employee is […]

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Flexible Working?

Flexible working comes in many forms: part time; shift work; flexitime; job sharing and working from home.  And it doesn’t just apply to working mothers either:  Surveys reveal that over 80% of the UK work force either work from home or would like to. Employers are realising that by offering flexible working arrangements they will […]

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Are unscrupulous companies using GDPR as a scaremongering tactic

  Is GDPR fuelling too much scaremongering by unscrupulous companies looking to cash in? The ICO website can prepare you with toolkits to prepare.  Also read our factsheet on the basic outline of the GDPR requirements.

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Concerned about your business being GDPR ready by the 25th May?

Concerned about your business being GDPR ready by the 25th May? SimpleHR have revised policies for GDPR, Subject Access, Personnel Files and Privacy. If you would like to chat through this with one of our consultants or have a full GDPR audit carried out, please get in touch. We can also offer these policies, completely […]

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Should your company be Salary Benchmarking?

  What are the benefits of completing Salary Benchmarking for your organisation? Salary Benchmarking is a critical exercise for a company to undertake if they want to attract and retain the best talent. The benchmarking exercise will identify the market rate within your business sector, location and experience level, this will indicate how close to […]

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Make sure your job adverts grab attention!

Creating an effective job advert can make a real difference to the response that you receive so it’s worth spending a bit more time, thought and energy into this to attract the high performing candidate you require! Stick with a clear structure and don’t make it too ‘wordy’.  Job searching is time consuming and if […]

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Staff Handbooks and why your Company should have one

  Having a Staff Handbook is not compulsory and even although putting one together can seem like a thoroughly daunting task, it’s one that will bring many benefits and can potentially safeguard you from potential attack from employees. Here are the key reasons why you should have an Staff Handbook for employees: It clearly sets out […]

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Ready for GDPR?

    The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018 The GDPR law aims to give employees more control over the data held on them and create a uniformity of rules. This affects you, as your business holds personal data, not just on employees currently and previously employed, but candidates applying for […]

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Fair or Unfair Dismissal??

Some employers are under the impression that you are able to dismiss an employee for any reason if they have less than two years of service – this is not necessarily the case. In previous blogs, we have discussed fair and unfair dismissals and advice on how you should handle them, a lot of what […]

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Does your company have a social media policy?

  Most companies these days have a social media presence.  It enhances their brand and strengthens their company profile with a view to improving profits.  But do they have a social media policy to which their employees should adhere? A good clear social media policy will provide an employer with a framework which will outline […]

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