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What can you ask a candidate during the job interview?

  We are often asked by clients and business owners what questions they are allowed to ask candidates during an interview, and more pertinent, what can’t they ask! We suggest refraining from asking the following and suggest using these alternatives: How old are you? Apart from ascertaining whether a candidate is of a legal age […]

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Are your workers stressed out?

  HR news have published this article today about how small businesses are least likely to have stressed out workers. Why not read up on our top tips for keeping your employees from getting stressed! Add some green to the work place, this can have an amazing impact on stress levels and even increase productivity! […]

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Can a job seeker’s digital foot print hinder their application?

Back in April we talked about your company having a social media policy, outlining what’s allowed for employees using social media from both a business and a personal stand point. In a similar vein, when recruiting, should you be checking candidates’ social media accounts when deciding whether or not to progress with their application? Recent […]

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Cancellation of Staff Holidays??

As Ryan Air threaten more strike action, putting more holiday maker’s trips at risk: What happens if one of your employees wants to cancel or reschedule their annual leave? As an employer you are not legally obliged to agree to this, however in the interests of fairness and maintaining good employee relations, you should be […]

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Careers Fairs – are they worth it?

Careers Fairs – are they worth it and will they find you your dream employee? Careers Fairs are an exciting way of meeting with up and coming talent, yet many smaller companies don’t make full use of them. We understand why; they can be expensive, hard work and a pain to organise. However, the benefits […]

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Covering your staff holidays

Covering holidays within a small business can be tight and tricky and something many employers struggle with.  And it gets even trickier during peak holiday times like school summer holidays and the festive period!   Many of our clients ask us to advise on the best way to manage this and we generally offer the […]

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Keep your workforce happy

How can I find out what my staff want?   Understanding your staff’s wants and needs should be a high priority for any employer. Investing time and effort into the growth and development of your staff will not only create a healthier working environment, but will also help to enhance your company. Highly motivated, dedicated […]

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Can you monitor your employees’ emails at work?

As an Employer do you have the right to monitor and read your employees’ emails? Yes – Emails sent or received through a company email account are generally not considered private. Employers are free to monitor these communications, as long as there’s a valid business purpose for doing so. Many companies reinforce this right by giving […]

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Fed up being stuck inside at your desk while the sun is shining outside??

Brighten Your Desk It’s no secret that colours affect our mood, environment, and work ethic, why not incorporate the colours of the beach into your workspace? Play with Your Wardrobe Nothing notes a season change more than switching around your wardrobe. If your most beloved part of summer is a sundress or bright shorts, find […]

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Avoiding Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination and Equality in the Workplace When running a business, you must ensure that you do not discriminate against employees, potential employees, or your customers.  There are a large number of things to take into consideration in this area, and a number of different ways in which you may inadvertently discriminate against people. Legally, people […]

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