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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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Dress Code – It’s a Balancing Act.

There has been a lot made of the “Eweida” ruling at the European Court of Human Rights this week but how does this affect your business? As an employer you must be aware of the Equality Act 2010 which protects employees from discrimination in the workplace. This week we have seen from the European Court […]

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Getting the Balance Right?

Smart phones, iPads, blackberry’s and the rest… all great technologies that allow us to stay in touch with friends and loved ones… and work! What does it mean for our worklife balance, well nothing if you have the discipline to keep it switched off. However, if something major is going on in the business it […]

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Managed Recruitment – we won’t just save you a headache!

Following on from a very successful 2011, our managed recruitment service is going from strength to strength! With over 25% more vacancies filled this year and an amazing £59,125 saving for our clients. This has saved our clients over 18 weeks of work, all as part of our retained services. We deliver a significant saving […]

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Selecting the Right Candidate for the Right Role

Part 3 of our Recruitment Blog – simple tips to ensure you choose the right candidate for the right role. Review and Discuss; review the positives & more importantly the negatives of each candidate, ensure you include the “right” people in the wash up i.e. the manager/team leader of the team. These are the people […]

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Does cutting your staff benefits really save you money?

Many finance directors believe that cutting their employee benefit packages is a quick and easy way of cutting down expenses. However, evidence shows that if you cut your staff benefits, you could end up losing your staff altogether; ultimately costing you more money and time! In a survey taken of over 2000 employees; 30% of […]

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4 Simple Steps to Great Recruitment – Step 1 Advertising

    Once you have agreed the positions you have available, the first step is to advertise your vacancy. Always keep in mind you want to attract the best potential candidates for your business, think about where you are advertising the roles, don’t be vague and sell your business! Include the name of your organisation; […]

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Still Confused about Auto Enrolment?

  Here  is a simple breakdown on what is required from you and when: WHEN : Depending on the size of your business Auto Enrolment comes into effect from 1st October, see staging dates here. WHO: Check your employee’s eligibility for auto enrolment: are not already in a pension at work are aged 22 or over […]

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Gender Neutral Life Assurance

    In March the European Court of Justice ruled that by the end of 2012, the use of gender as a risk factor by insurers should not result in individual differences in premiums and benefits for men and women. This could mean that some individuals will pay considerably more for their life assurance plans. […]

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Implementation of Flexible Working

There are various ways for you to introduce flexible working into your business; compressed working hours; flexitime; job sharing and many others. Once you have agreed the best form of flexible working for your business you need to look at implementation. To implement any of these options you need to firstly ensure your Manager’s are […]

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How to Deal with the Challenges of Flexible Working

Following on from our blog “Could Flexible Hours help your business succeed?” Flexible working seems like an idyllic idea for the employee but what about you, the employer, what challenges do you face? Cost Impact on Customer Service Management of Flexible Hours Communication and Accountability Isolation and not feeling part of the team Cost effectiveness […]

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