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Effective Handovers

  We mentioned briefly in last week’s blog post how important Effective Handovers are when people are going on holiday. Handovers are essential, and a bad handover is sometimes worse than none at all. A week before you are due to go away, the handover essentially begins. Compose a document including what you are currently [...]

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Managing Non-Attendance During Summer Months

  The Summer months are one of the busiest periods for planned absence. Last November we published a blog post called Managing Festive Holidays Fairly and Effectively, in which we advised that you gather your employees holiday requests early and grant holidays fairly, making sure everyone has got a fair deal. However, it is harder [...]

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Managing Summer Sporting Events

  This year there are many exciting sporting events, and you will need to ensure that you manage your employees fairly. You don’t want these invents to impact at work, but you don’t want to ruin the events for your employees. Wimbledon has been and gone, The World Cup has just finished and you may [...]

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Organisational Development Programmes

  All Organisations have put effort into the development of a competent and assertive management team. Even world famous Organisations started at the bottom and developed into the renowned team they are today. Organisational Development Programmes are run by Simple HR with the express goal of helping management teams become more confident in their work [...]

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Changes to UK Flexible Working Regulations

As you may be aware, there are some big changes to Flexible Working Arrangements on Monday 30th June. A brief outline of the changes: (1) Any employee may apply for flexible working hours; however they must have 26 weeks continuous employment at the date the application is made. (2) As an employer, you have a [...]

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Tools Available to Develop your Talent

    When it comes to developing talent sometimes it feels like you need a readymade toolbox to guide you through! Some of the tools you might use are: Training Sessions. Training Sessions, when carried out effectively, are an incredibly useful tool for talent development. We write and deliver training sessions to a variety of [...]

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Aligning Talent Development with Organisational Strategy

  When you set out your Organisational Strategy it is imperative that you ensure your employees are included. You have to ensure that you also plan for their development to have the right resources in place to guide them through their development. Don’t be afraid to delegate to your team leaders. Keep your management team [...]

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Future Leaders

  An important part of being a manager is identifying who will progress to become a manager, or even take over your position. It is less expensive to develop the talent you already have into managerial positions, than to hire externally. Once you have identified the employees whose skills and strengths match to the future [...]

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Top Tips for Identifying Talent

At Simple HR we believe that your employees are your greatest asset. However, you have to make sure that you have the best talent in your team, and help each employee develop their skills. Below are Simple HR’s Top Tips for Identifying Talent: Remember, everyone has potential. Be proud to be a Company where every [...]

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In Summary

Throughout April and May we have published a series of blogs focussed on Attracting and Retaining Future Talent. We have summarised the blogs into 5 top tips! Use the resources you already have – your employees! They have huge networks of similarly skilled friends and colleagues so introduce an employee referral scheme to make sure [...]

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